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Christian Wenger is a multi-disciplined film director with roots in tech and marketing on a mission to create human experiences that not only reach screens, but win over hearts and minds.


Born in Bern Switzerland in 1974, he grew up in an artistic home. With his mother being an actor and director, he spend a big part of his childhood watching her perform on stage, watching how her stories came to life.

Chris’s distinctive visual style and taught provoking storytelling always keep humanity at it’s core. His work includes short films such as “Three Pills”, which offers a grotesque vision of our future in an overpopulated and aging world, as well as commercial work for both start-ups and established brands such Toyota, Microsoft and Vaisala.

Besides his work as a director, Chris helps businesses and entrepreneurs to become better storytellers, enabling them connect with their customers and grow their business.

In over two decades in creative jobs, Chris continues to maintain his spark and drive for exploring new ways of doing things; and always values working with a great team of people. His rare blend of being very artistic, yet being business minded with a structured approach, allows him to channel ideas; and together with people create experiences that stand out from the crowd.


Together with his Finnish wife and son, Chris currently lives in Helsinki Finland.


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